Thursday, October 2, 2014

Random Drunk Musings From An Airport

OK I'm not really drunk but I am drinking at the airport.  I am curious it this will result in more random Google search hits.  

  • Today I am completing my last business trip before junior moves in.    And this may be the last trip of the year.   The sad part is that this means I won't hit gold on United this year.   Yeah, I know first world problems.    I will likely end the year with a little over 40K miles which is still a whole lot of miles.    
  • Conversation between Dave & I this week
    • Dave:  I have a dentist appointment on Thursday at 9, should we leave the door open for the handyman. 
    • Me:  Um   what are you going to do with junior?  Is he going to sit in the waiting room.  
    • Dave:   Oh good point, maybe I should reschedule.   
    • Life is clearly going to be changing for us. 
  • Why don't all schools offer full day K?   The idea of half day perplexes me.    We are trying to figure out if we can get junior into the closed full day program at our school.    Luckily we have others advocating on his behalf.  
  • This is our last weekend as DINKS (dual income no kids).   We are spending it by visiting my 45th state - Oklahoma!   Isn't that what everybody does before they become parents. 
  • Why don't family therapists return phone calls?
  • MMMM margaritas are tasty. Do I have to stop drinking margaritas when I become a mom? 
  • OMG I'm gonna be a mom next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those added exclamations points are for Dave as he really likes lots of !!!!!!!!! in sentences).    


Shannon Zimmerman said...

You absolutely do not stop drinking margaritas when you are a mom.

Lori Rasmussen said...

You'll only be judged As a parent if you don't have a drink in hand!