Monday, May 19, 2008

Stopped By Security

Today was my lucky day, I was stopped by security twice. Going through the security checkpoint at Gatwick airport on my way to Krakow, the baggage screener pulled aside my bin that contained my liquids and jacket. I thought this slightly odd as all the liquids meet the size requirement and were in a clear plastic bag. The agent informed me that all liquids must be in a security provided clear plastic bag not one of my own. If liquids are in my own bag they can be confiscated by security. I have had no problems in any of my travels for the last 6 months at any airport with this bag so I inquired whether this is just as Gatwick as this restriction does not exist at any other airport. The agent replied that this is according to the transportation authority and should apply at all airports.

Of course I don't believe this as I would have been stopped on one of my countless other flights if that was the case. Looking up the rules of liquids in hand baggage the following appears on the BA website. I may be missing something here but the rules state a plastic resealable bag which is exactly what I have - this just was simply a case of a guy not understanding the rules.

My second encounter was of course when I was out taking photographs in Krakow this afternoon. There were some flags flying on some buildings an American, an EU and some other country I don't recognize so I took a picture. As I was putting my camera away I was approached and told no pictures are allowed as that is the US Consultate. I apologized and walked away, not nearly as many hassles here as in Dubai.

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