Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Days Too Late

I got a new Blackberry Pearl this week at work. I didn't think I needed a new phone and if I did get one I wanted a full keyboard not the stupid hybrid but I was told no unless I get approval to spend the extra money. The only good thing about the pearl is that it has a camera. This would have been very handy over the weekend when I was out for a walk with my sister and her family. I decided not to bring my camera as it is heavy and I didn't feel like lugging it around. Of course shortly after we head out we encounter a family of geese. Two baby goslings that probably weren't more than a day or 2 old and their parents. They parents were not too happy that we were approaching them and starting hissing. I was kicking myself that I had decided not to bring the camera. If I had gotten the pearl before I left it would have been very handy at least now I will always have some sort of camera with me. Haven't yet taken any pics with it. I'll work on that later this week to see what the quality is like.

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Amy said...

I can tell you already, the quality is crappy. Cellphone cameras are never meant to be viewed on a screen any larger than 1 inch square.