Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost Around the World in 7 Days

Last Sunday I boarded a plane from Shanghai to London, yesterday I left for Seattle. Hard to believe that I have almost circumnavigated the globe.

I should have known the trip would not go smoothly when I got to Heathrow 2 hours ahead of time and the queues were massive and not moving. The friendly voice on the pa said that there was a fault with the baggage conveyor belt each flight was being called individually. After about 45 minutes the belts were working and then my flight was called. I dropped off my bags and headed to the gate. Once in Seattle there were still many people waiting for bags when all of a sudden they stopped coming out. Unfortunately they had made no announcements but they had a table set up with paperwork for about 40-50 customers explaining that the bags did not make the flight. Don't worry the box of gifts for everyone arrived only my clothes are somewhere in transit. I was told that the bag was on the 3 pm flight so I thought maybe I would be lucky and the suitcase would be at the hotel when I arrived. Not so much. Of course I thought it's only clothes and easily replaceable.

It wasn't until this morning when I was getting ready that I realized I forgot to take my jewelry box out of my suitcase when I brought it downstairs and put it in my purse. I'm sure everything will be fine and my bag will arrive today but at this point I'm a bit frazzled. My co-workers are teasing me that I went to Gap to buy clothes for today when I should have hit Nordstroms. If nothing arrives today that is where I will go for my clothes for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I bet if you were in a hot air balloon you would not have lost your luggage. But then again it would have taken you longer than 7 days. Talk to you soon. Mom