Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Random News Highlights from the past 2 weeks.

1) I've had to go to Norway twice in the past 2 weeks. The first trip I had a connection through Oslo. I was a little surprised when n I had to check-in again and collect my luggage and re check that in as well. At the check in counter I was asked if it was my first visit to Oslo as SAS has a new way of issuing boarding passes there. They don't. You put your finger on this little scanner they add your passport information and that's it. At the gate there are machines to again read your fingerprint and allow you to board. It was quite a unique set-up.

2) I received a call last week that my new sofa is in - YIPPEE! The unfortunate thing is that while they could have delivered it on Saturday I was flying back from Norway then so I have to wait until Tuesday. Normally waiting around for deliveries is no fun as they are unable to give a potential window when they may arrive. In the states I seem to recall receiving a call the night before indicating a delivery window, not here they'll call by 9 AM the day of delivery to provide a window. When I said this means I basically can't make any plans for the day and will need to work from home, the rep said no we'll call you in the morning so you'll know when we'll be there. They didn't seem to understand that receiving a call the morning of the delivery makes it difficult to plan other activities for the day. I just hope that the delivery actually occurs and this doesn't turn into another fiasco like I had with the washer.

3) I've been playing around with my Facebook account. I just found out that you can have RSS feeds pulled in so when I post to my blog it should provide a status update and a short summary of the post. When I set the feed up this morning I didn't realize the default setting is to include the entire post not just a summary. I've changed the blogger settings so hopefully this post will only show a summary. We'll see if I keep the feed, just something to play around with.

4) Sitting around in airports I tend to have a lot of time on my hands, typically not enough time to get online and I'm too tired to read or do anything else. Last week I was bored during a layover and decided to count the number of stamps in my passport. As of last week I now have over 100 stamps and visas - a major milestone.


Anonymous said...

Since I travel in the US, i do not have any stamps to show all my trips. I was thinking of saving the airline tickets and such but decided it was boring.

I will be on my way again on Wednesday to warmth and sunshine and golf.

Just loaded my GARMIN (Christmas present) with all the course I am playing down in Florida. I will now know where I am on a course in terms of the hole.

Have fun !!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. hope you like your sofa. Love Mom