Sunday, June 15, 2008


While I've attended political rallies in the past I've never attended a protest until yesterday, although I was attending as a participant but as a photographer. One of the people in my photography club was involved in organizing the London Naked Bike Ride to protest the use of gas & oil (yes you read that correctly naked bike ride). I volunteered to be an "official" photographer. The ride kicked off in Hyde Park and went for 6 KM throughout London passing various landmarks.
As an official photographer I got access to go up in a cherry picker to take aerial shots of Hyde Park before the race and go up Wellington Arch at the end of the day after it had been closed to the public and take shots of the finish. Some people had slogans painted on their backs others painted their entire bodies. Watching the faces and reactions of people on the streets was entertaining, most people seemed to find it entertaining waving, shouting words of encouragement and taking snapshots.

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Anonymous said...

Boy you could get a serious sunburn. Other than that I am all for protesting the high oil prices.