Friday, June 13, 2008


Wednesday evening in Munich I had to go to a biergarden even though the weather was a little chilly. I didn't bring a coat as the weather had been so warm lately, I should know better than to pack without checking the weather forecast. Anyways the rain had stopped so I decided I could brave the weather to check out the world famous biergartens (beer gardens). There was one a short walk from the hotel which was also showing the football game. For those of you that don't know we are currently in the middle of Euro 2008, Wednesday's game was Portugal over Czech Republic.
It was interesting to sit outside and watch TV. The waiters and waitresses at the biergarten carry 5-6 glasses in one hand at a time. I had trouble picking up 1 let alone 5. The picture on the left shows the size of the steins and also what I had for dinner. When in Munchen do as the Munchkins do (OK they're not called Munchkins).

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Anonymous said...

"Munchkins" Have you been watching the Wizard of OZ?