Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wine Tasting

A wine store up the road just changed ownership and had a wine tasting last night. I decided to check it out as I need to learn more about French wine as that seems to be the majority of what you find in the stores here. There were only 3 - myself and another couple - so we got very personalized attention and we ended the evening with champagne. Even better was they said we could take a bottle home with us when we left! Of course we all liked the same 2 bottles one of which was 30 pounds, since the other 2 were a couple I told them to take the Pomerol and I would take the other one. After about 2 minutes of me convincing them to take the bottle they thanked me and said it was his birthday today so they had a very nice bottle to celebrate with. I thoroughly enjoyed my leftover wine tonight even though it wasn't my favorite.

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Amy said...

Aren't you kindhearted giving away the wine you like. There's a special place in heaven reserved for you.