Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dirty Laundry Update

It's amazing the speed with which things happen. I called the property manager on Monday for an update on when the washer was going to be replaced, I was then asked if somebody had been sent out to look at it. I was a little surprised that there were no notes that indicated they had sent somebody out and the recommendation was that it needed to be replaced. They said they would look into and get back to me. Two days later I've still heard nothing so I call back for another update, later that afternoon I am finally told they got approval to replace the unit and I would be contacted once it was in to arrange for installation.

Fast forward to Friday. I get out of my meeting 3 1/2 hour meeting and have 4 missed calls and 1 voice mail. The voice mail is from the contractor saying they've called the property managers and will pick up the keys to my flat and install the unit on Monday. I was a little peeved by this as I really don't like when people show up at my place and I'm not here, at this point it is too late to call the contractors back as it's 5:30 and they are gone for the weekend. So I decided to let it slide. Today I get a letter in the mail from the property manager which said:

"Despite several attempts to contact you our contractor has not had a response to deliver the new washing machine. I have instructed them to enter the property with the management keys. "

So let me get this straight, I call and leave numerous messages for updates over the span of 10 days and hear nothing back, they try to call me over the course of 2 hours don't leave me any voice mail so it is just decided that they can come to my house without my consent. Of course it is the weekend now so there is absolutely nothing that I can do about this.


Anonymous said...

Life stinks when you are a renter and at the mercy of property owners.

You failed to list the locaion of North Brookfield as one of the interesting places you have been in. I bet a lot of people will have no idea what you are talking about if you list that location of the noted Loomis Gang that tries to rob the Adrondack Express in Old Forge.

mom said...

are you staying home from work on Monday or going in late so you can reach them with a time? I have to agree, I would not like people coming in when I am not there. Oh wait - I ahve to do that this week.. MY new floor has finally come in and they are coming on Wednesday Thursday,...I bet you will be glad when you finally get home to your own house. Hope it works out for you. Love mom