Friday, October 5, 2007

Traditional Swedish Food

Was in Stockholm for a couple of days again this week. This is now my second trip there and I still haven't had much time to get out and explore, maybe the next time.

There seems to be a rather odd traditional Thursday lunch. I was told about this even before we got to the canteen. For as long as people can remember on Thursday you have pea soup and pancakes for lunch. The pancakes are not like a typical American pancake it is more like a crepe and you put strawberries or cherries and whipped cream on top. The soup was just a typical split pea soup, but for toppings they have oregano and mustard. Overall not a bad lunch. Nobody could tell me why this started they just said it has always been that way.

After the training class, they had a treat for me - Cinnamon Buns. I was told this is a dessert that is very near and dear to the Swedes. Just a little dusting of sugar on top not the glazing that exists on American cinnamon buns. A very nice way to end the day.

They have suggested on the next trip I try the fermented fish. There is one kind that comes in a can and is under so much pressure you have to open it in water.

All this talk of food is making me hungry so I'll sign off for now.

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Amy said...

Hope you enjoy the fish!