Sunday, May 27, 2007

Smoke-Free London

As of July 1st London, actually all of England, goes smoke-free. A large advertising campaign has recently launched promoting this new initiative, bill boards and newspaper advertisements are everywhere. I myself am quite looking forward to this as it will make going out to restaurants and bars much more enjoyable - I hate coming home and smelling like smoke.

Many people think if you can't smoke in public it will encourage people to quit smoking. Some pubs worried about losing customers have started offering stop smoking clinics for customers so they will continue patronizing the pub after July 1st.


piggy said...

no worries, people feared the same thing when the smoking ban started here, you know what happened? nothing. people still go out, people still smoke. just not inside the bars.

Anonymous said...

People smoke outside, inside wherever they want. I am glad that there is a smoking ban in restaurants and bars here in NYS too. Not quite sure what the moral reasoning is behind this type of legislation -= always thought that the governemnt should be less intrusive in our personal lives but I do not see that happening.

Have a good week