Saturday, May 5, 2007


This week local elections were held for parliament. My observances on the similarities and differences between the election processes.

1) Since these were only local elections and no major general elections voter turnout was very low.
2) Voters expressed their disappointment in the Labour party and the state of affairs which resulted in the Tories winning 800 seats - giving the party the highest number of councillors since 1978.
3) Controversy over voting improprieties with mail-in votes and canvassers collecting and throwing out votes if they were for the "wrong" party.
4) Complaints of confusion in how to fill out the ballots and technical difficulties with machines.

1) Up to the minute results were not available.
2) No all night television coverage with updates.
3) No political ads on television - at least none that I've seen.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is good to wait for the final results. In our elections, the talking heads start predicting winners about 2 seconds after the polls close. Oh well. I wonder what changes will be made in the running of Britain now.