Thursday, May 24, 2007


I received a letter in the mail from the property management company. Part of their services for landlords are to conduct routine inspections of flats. The letter stated that they had scheduled the inspection for Thursday, today, and I did not have to be present as they had keys and would just let themselves in. I was surprised by this and thought that was just the way things were here. I had already planned on working from home today so this wasn't a problem. As I started talking with others about this they all expressed surprised by the letter and said that they wouldn't want people letting themselves into their apartments when they weren't home.

The inspection itself was rather uneventful, they walked through all the rooms to make sure everything was in order. I put in a request again to have the sign from the front of the house and the bed removed. We'll see if it happens this time.


Melissa said...

If they have keys, they can come in when ever they please. Being an auditor and such what kind of control is that. Ok there is no control there. But anyhow, the flat is not their property when being rented out. You are just full of unusual things happening since you have been there. BTW, cant wait to see you in July. :)

Mom said...

Did you ask for the return of the keys?

Morgan said...

So your finally going to get that brothel sign removed! I suppose that if the bed is going then it only makes sence that the sign must go.