Monday, April 23, 2007

Back to Reality

After a couple of days in the jungle/bush/wilderness or whatever you want to call it I am planted firmly back in reality. I had to go to work today and got cheated in the hotel bar - almost like being back in America - however I don't think I would every pay $35 for a glass of wine. I had a glass of shiraz with dinner - only $9 a glass a little high but I was fine with that. A gentleman sitting next to me was drinking pinot and he commented how good it was so I decided for an after dinner drink that I would try a glass. I had no idea that they were charging 240 Rand a glass for it and neither did he!

The guy who originally ordered it wasn't that happy when I mentioned it to him. This is apparently a scam that the hotel puts on. They only offer 1 type of wine by the glass and it is crap! I unfortunately told the man not to order that as it wasn't very good - so they upsold him into this bottle. I guess the bottle was listed for about 600 rand so there was no way that we imagined that a single glass would cost 240 rand. Given that we drank the entire bottle - I had 1 glass and he had the rest. We probably would have been better off just being charged for the bottle rather than individual glasses but by that time they wouldn't change the bill to accommodate this. I will most likely not have drinks or dinner at the hotel bar as a result of this -last night wasn't that much but this was ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

Always remember "Caveat emptor!"

Also never convert to a currency you understand - ignorance is bliss.

Glad you excursions into the wilderness were exciting

Morgan glad you saw someone you recognized.