Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another Continent Checked Off

I arrived safely in Jo-burg this morning after a quick 10.5 hour flight. Luckily the flight was fairly empty and I could stretch out and sleep. Of course they came around at 5 am, 2.5 hours before we were supposed to land to serve breakfast - I probably could have used a few more hours sleep but what can you do. I'll sleep well tonight.

My driver was quite informative this morning and I learned that:

  • When leaving the airport car park the guards come over to make sure there are keys in the ignition as car theft is high.
  • Johannesburg is 6000 ft above sea level.
  • There are no indigenous trees in Jo-burg everything is "man-made" and was transplanted from other countries.

I know the pound to dollar ratio just passed $2 this week. It's been flirting at the 1.9x range for a number of months but is now officially over 2, however don't feel bad the pound to rand rate is 14 to 1. My salad at lunch was only 22 rand which I found incredibly cheap. I'll keep you posted on the prices of other things.

So far on my list of things to bring back for people include:

  • A hat
  • Amarula
  • An elephant

Any other special requests let me know and I will try and accommodate your desires.

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Melissa said...

Myra wants to know if the elephant is for her and if it is a big one?