Monday, January 22, 2007

The Adventure Begins

The trip went off with a bang, not really a bang more of an alarm.. a fire alarm. Shortly after arriving at Logan the fire alarms started going off, and continued to go on and off until I boarded the plane. A very peaceful way to start the trip. After a turbulent flight over I arrived at Heathrow airport and quickly cleared immigration. I realized on the flight over that although it was only January 20th this was the 10th airplane I had been on so far this year.

I thought things were going to go my way when the guy at the currency exchange booth did not charge me any commission fee as a welcome gift to London. Unfortunately that was where my luck ended.

Upon arriving at the apartment I had no way of accessing the flat. The office was closed and nobody was answering the phone. I instead went and checked into a hotel so I could rest and make more calls. By 2 pm I finally got information on how to access the apartment - information I should have received in an email.

The flat is quite nice with lovely views of the Thames off the back porch. I'll post pics tomorrow. The next surprise was that althought the apartment was listed as being close to the rail links there is actually no transportation available to the rail except by taxi. It turns out a taxi ride round trip is going to be better than taking the train.

At the office everything was going smoothly as I met with my boss to go over what is expected of me in the first 90 days - no surprises there. Then the office lost power - actually most of Chertsey lost power for about 2 hours. This delayed the ability for me to get my mobile phone today so I am still without a mobile. This may be the longest I have gone without a mobile in years. I haven't had much withdrawal symptons yet but maybe that's due to the jet lag.

My schedule is fairly low key for the next 2 weeks which should give me plenty of time to find a permanent abode. Once February hits I then get quite busy with training and the road show. With the road show I'll be in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Milan, Madrid, and Utrecht.

That's it for today.


Amy said...

Your first blog post! Yay! Now you have your first comment. That was a very stimulating story. I can hardly wait for the next exciting installment.

Melissa said...

Hey dawn, Now you have a second comment. Man that was some trip. Haven't looked at the pics yet. But will do. Need to go help mom.