Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Highs and Lows of 2014

Here is an overview of the highs and lows for us in 2014 - not really in any particular order.

  • Having junior join our family was definitely one of the highs but the paperwork and waiting and classes probably would not be considered one of the highs.   
  • Visiting two more states on my list.  I am now down to only 5 states before I have been to all 50.  
  • Great trips to Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Estes Park, Seattle and Santa Fe. 
  • Junior's first airplane ride (not just with us but ever).  
  • Not making gold on United this year.  I will miss the perks but that means I traveled less this year so that's good. 
  • Dave &  I both had friends pass away.   That was tough we still think about them often.  
  • New job for me.   It was not easy to leave a company where I had made many friends and had spent 9 years, I have no regrets.  I do love my new job and hope to get more settled there over the year. 
  • Remodeling the master bathroom.  So happy it is done but it was such a long process.  And I think we are crazy for remodeling two other bathrooms in the  house next year but it has to be done. 
  • I lost 20 pounds but in the last few months I haven't had the time to work out and it has slowly crept back on.   Need to figure out  how to get workouts into my daily routine once again.   
  • Getting diagnosed with anxiety.  It seems to be under control now so that is definitely good, not knowing what was wrong was not pleasant.   I'm not surprised with everything going on that I got this diagnosis.  
  • Watching junior get more comfortable with us.  Over the last 3 months he has slowly started calling us mom and dad more and more.  He has decided he likes the same football teams we do (well the Seahawks and the Steelers.  And he has learned the foods that we like, it is very cute to watch him hand me a bottle of hot sauce when we go out to eat.  
I'm sure there are many little things that I am forgetting but memory loss comes with age and I am getting older.   

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