Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

A year ago we went public with our announcement that we were hoping to expand our family via adoption during 2014 and that happened.  The best start to the new year though has been junior's warming up to us.   Over the last 3 months he has slowly moved from calling us by our first names to mom and dad.   We told him he could call us what he was comfortable with when he first moved in.  There has really been no rhyme or reason to when we were mom and dad and when we were Dawn and Dave until about a week ago.

We noticed at Christmas that whenever he wanted something or needed help we were mom and dad.  In normal conversation, or if he was angry with us we were Dawn and Dave.  For example:

  • "Mom can you help me take these Legos apart?"
  • "Dad will you come upstairs with me."
  • "Dawn look at this."  
It was interesting to see the distinction in the use.   I'm not sure if he thought calling us mom and dad would make us say yes or if it was something else.  

This quickly lead to a shift in a 50/50 split to being mom and dad the majority of the time.   While on vacation this week we have been almost 100% mom and dad.   This is such a huge step and has made this vacation even more special.   

On a related note the morning we were leaving on vacation during breakfast junior asked when he would be able to live with us.  I was a bit confused by this and told him he is already living with us.  His response made my heart melt.   He said "No, when do we go see the judge so that I can stay with you forever."   He had been asking questions about what the adoption would be like so this was the next logical step for him.  He knows a judge needs to make the final decision, but him asking for the date means a lot.   Sadly we don't know when this will be.  I wish I had a date to give him but that will come with time.  

All in all if things continue along these lines 2015 will be a great year.  

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