Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll

Not the sort of title you would expect to see on a blog about our adoption journey, I'm just trying to keep things exciting here.   Actually, this is how our case worker refers to the second home study visit.   We each had to fill out a questionnaire about our experiences with drugs, alcohol, mental disorders and the like.  While we answered the questions we had to sit in the same room but couldn't speak to one another.   Then we were separated and interviewed individually about our answers, our families and what we want out of life.  

We were warned going into this meeting to make sure we had discussed any potential skeletons in our closets with each other, as if there were any surprises the meeting would have to end to give us a chance to talk to one another.   Thankfully we are both very boring people and there weren't any surprises.  

It was rather strange reliving events from my childhood and adolescence and trying to describe what life was like when I was 8.   Luckily the next meeting is about easy, modern topics like our relationship and the safety inspection of our house.  This appointment needs to wait though until our house is no longer a construction zone, hopefully this milestone is reached by mid-March.

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