Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong late in the evening and due to a mix up with my reservation I had no hotel room.  Luckily the hotel had a room available and I wasn't sent onto the streets.  They offered me an upgrade to their "Woman's Floor."  This was the first time I had ever heard of this.   The hotel has a special floor dedicated to women travelling alone.    I had mixed feelings about this especially since it is advertised in the elevator so everybody knows that floor has only women.   I was also told that the decor and amenities in the rooms are designed for the female traveler.   When I saw the decor I had to laugh.

Animal print shoes for chairs

Rhinestone Room Numbers

And my favorite the plastic pink shellfish toilet seat

There wasn't much time for sight seeing as there was lots of work to do.  On my walks to the office and to dinner these were some of the interesting sights I encountered.  

Scaffolding for the buildings was made from bamboo. 
Giant robots,  people were waiting to have their picture taken with them. I was told these are from some comic but I don't know what it is.

Sometimes I have the sense of humor of a teenage boy.  I saw this sign and couldn't stop laughing. 

And of course there was the food. A friend suggested I go to Fook Lam Moon and she was right. This place was great although probably not ideal for people travelling alone. The food and the staff were great. I loved the fact that they brought a table for me to put my purse on so it would be safer.  I opted for the roast chicken and a dish of noodles.   This was enough for 2 meals for me, so I took the leftovers back to my room and had them for breakfast the next day. 

The local account team took me out to dinner on my last night in Hong Kong and when they were giving me options of things we could do I jumped at the chance for Beijing (Peking) Duck.   The meal has to be ordered ahead and the whole duck is presented and served tableside in 3 different ways.  The crispy skin dipped in sauce, soup, and sliced meat with pancakes, sauce and vegetables.   A couple of other dishes were ordered as well. I tried them all but the duck was my favorite.

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