Sunday, November 17, 2013

40 and Fabulous

September marked the beginning of my 40s.   Dave & I had planned a big trip to Europe at the end of the month to celebrate which meant I wouldn't be celebrating with my family or so I thought.  Dave had arranged for my sisters and one of my oldest friends to fly out to Denver to celebrate with us.   They had planned a weekend away to see Mt Rushmore, the number one item on my travel list at the moment if you don't count Antarctica, but Mother Nature had other plans.   My birthday weekend was the weekend of the flooding in northern Colorado which resulted in the roads being closed, so we quickly came up with plan B.

We figured if there was flooding up north we would go south to Manitou Springs and booked tickets on the cog railway to the top of Pikes Peak.  The railway was a fun way of getting to the top, although Melissa might disagree she was excited at the beginning but quickly realized she's afraid of heights.

Sadly as we approached the top the clouds/fog rolled out in and we couldn't see a darn thing.  At least we got to eat some delicious donuts.

On the way down we were treated to some great scenery and little critters posing for us.
We wandered around town for a bit and realized that many shops were closed/closing.  The rains down south had started to cause flooding, we were told in one store that they were about to close the highway.  We high tailed it out of there and made it back home safely.

Monday we stayed closer to home and hiked Castle Rock.   

It was great to ring in my 40s with great friends, family, wine and laughter.   

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