Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winning Streak

Winning Ways#1

Last week at our sales conference I received this award for achieving my targets during our last fiscal year. The company commissioned an artist to create these sculptures for the people that made the 'Achievers Club.' Of this group a percentage were chosen for the 'Circle of Excellence' which is an all expense paid trip to Whistler in January and I received that as well. This means that I will not be in the US for Christmas but will be there for New Years before I head to Whistler.

Winning Ways #2
I entered a photo competition sponsored by Pikeo & Lonely Planet in August. Lonely Planet is looking for a new cover photo for some of their travel guides. As I was in Barcelona over the summer I figured I would enter a few. As I was digging through my stacks of emails that accumulated over the 2 weeks I was away I received a notification that one of my photos was short-listed for the jury selection. This means I am one step closer to winning. What do I win you ask - in addition to my photo being on the cover I can choose one of four holidays from Intrepid Travel Russia, India, Morocco or Serengeti. It also means that my photograph will be displayed in a gallery in March . Even if I don't win I think getting a photo shown in a gallery and being selected is very cool. The photo that was selected is here (I think you may need to register with Pikeo to actually see it).

Winning Ways #3
Speaking of winning, I mailed my ballot for the presidential election today. Since normal mail takes 5 working days I had to send it special delivery to ensure that it arrives in the states by next Tuesday. Here's hoping I picked the winner there.


Amy said...

Cool which of the 7 pictures was chosen? I like the one of the phone booth and the beer of truth. Congrats

Anonymous said...

Congrats - winning a trip - Like you do not travel enough. but i guess these are places that you have not been. Which one was chosen? I am guessing the one that looks liek fire works.

Anonymous said...

M and I just looked at all your pictures. We loved them.

Expat said...

The image selected was the beer of truth.

Quyên Phạm said...

Good! :))

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