Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a Tie

As I was updated the places I've been section I decided to see if I'm been more places this year or last year. At the moment it's a dead heat. 24 different locations last year and this year. Of course there are 2 months left to go this year so this can potentially change. At the moment all the trips I have planned are to places I've already been this year. Maybe I'll sneak in a quick trip to somewhere new just to break the tie. Let's see what has for cheap fares this weekend - Prague or Madrid are the only 2 I haven't been to this year but the flights leave tonight. Since I've been gone for 2 weeks maybe I should just stay put this weekend.

UPDATE: Thanks to a keen observer it was pointed out that I had accidentally left my trip to The Berkshires off my list. The tie is broken 25 locations this year! And since the original posting 2 potential work trips have arisen - Madrid and Scotland . I just may hit 30 places this year.

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CresClub said...

Dawn, Did you forget you time in the Bershires? Andy