Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of being an expat. It's amazing how quickly a year goes, then again I have been rather busy this year. I have visited:
  • 24 different cities (some more than once)
  • 9 new countries
  • 2 new continents (Africa & Asia only 2 more to go now - who's up for a vacation to Antarctica).
In the spirit of the awards season I decided to present awards to some of the more memorable events of the year. As with any year there were high points and low points , I am only focusing on the positive so there are no razzie awards only the best of the best were eligible. So now with no further ado I present the winners:

Most Memorable Experience: Being chased by an elephant
Favorite City: Rome
Best Sporting Event: Wimbledon
Favorite New Phrase/Word: POETS Friday
Best Meal: Tang at Le Meridian Dubai


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I have to agree, the year did go by fast. You certainly have seen and done a lot.By the way all my other comments from the other day did not get posted.

Melissa said...

Antarctica sounds like a nice place for a sister vacation. LOL! But we should start deciding on where to go, with or without the kids..