Friday, January 18, 2008

Found Money

I had an exciting morning sorting out the coins in my wallet. As is usually the case I had multiple currencies in there and figured it was time to take them out and leave only the local currency as foreign currency isn't normally accepted. However last weekend at the farmers market I did pay with a mix of Euros and Pounds, the vendor said it was the first time he ever had vegetables paid for in 2 currencies. It ended up working out for both of us - I had a massive amount of coins and he was running low. I had a total of 6 Pounds in coin but the total was 7.50 - he said he would take the 2 Euro coin as he was heading to Cyprus on Monday and could use it there.

I was expecting to have only Pounds, Euros, and US currency so imagine my surprise when I found a coin that did not fit into those currencies. Nestled in with all the other currencies was a 20 Groszy coin. I haven't made it to Poland yet so this means I got this as change either here in the UK or in France. Not sure what it was change for and I most likely lost money on the transaction but I don't care as it's cool.

Currency exchange rates
.20 groszy = .04 GBP
.20 groszy = .05 EUR

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