Monday, July 9, 2007

You Know You Travel Too Much When

  • The car service remembers picking you up at the airport the day before.
  • You give the hotel the wrong room number when checking out.
  • You start calling your hotel "home."
  • You have currency for 4 different countries in your wallet but none for the country you are currently in.
  • You've been in 4 different time zones over a 7 day period.
  • It's the first week of July and you've already been on 46 flights this year.


Anonymous said...

But look at all the fun you are having!!


Amy said...

Those are all pretty funny. I've called a hotel "home" before myself.

Melissa said...

very funny!! Well, just because you are in the air more than on the gournd the past couple of days. Just think of all the cool people you saw last weekend. Oh wait that was just family nevermind. :)

mom said...

Those are all pretty funny. Maybe you could quit your day job and write jokes for the Tonight show. Talk to you soo. Love Mom