Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a Difference

Although the weekend brought sunshine rain on Saturday night has made a big difference in the height of the Thames in Richmond. Since the day was nice today I decided to take a stroll along the river - the stroll turned into a boat ride but I digress. It was interesting to see the difference in the water levels since Tuesday when I was last there.



You can easily see from these shots that the stairs are now under water. If there is more rain which I am sure there will be then there will be a bit more flooding in Richmond.

On a humorous note when I was walking along the river I saw a couple of geese swimming nearby. I thought I could get a good picture so I went into my purse to get my camera. The geese saw me go into my bag and they are so used to being fed along the banks they immediately swam my way to get the food. No food but I think I got a good shot.

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