Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Year in Review

2016 was a rough year, at some times it seems like there were more lows than highs.  But one thing we are teaching junior is no matter how bad a day is there is always a positive in it.  Instead of focusing on the negatives I choose to look at the highlights.  Last night at dinner we shared our top five favorite moments of the year.

This isn't as easy as it seems, especially when people keep changing their minds.  Junior decided he needed to give us six items, and I was told I cheated with one of my selections.

Here are the top moments for our family.


  1. Starting a new job.  I was fortunate to find a job that enabled me to work part time as we moved to Seattle in 2015.   In 2016 I was ready to go back to work full time, unfortunately the company I was working for was unable to offer me a full time position, but a great opportunity came my way.    I am still working from home which is great and trips to the company's headquarters enable me to visit family and friends which is an added perk.   
  2. Renovating our new home.   You may think I'm crazy but I enjoy remodeling projects.  Well I enjoy choosing materials, I dislike the unexpected surprises that often appear.  One unexpected find on our recent renovation led to our installing my favorite feature in the house - a hidden bookshelf door.    What else do you do when you find a water heater sealed behind drywall in the master bedroom. 
  3. Vacations and travel throughout the year.   I was told I cheated with this selection and I couldn't lump all vacations together as they were not all equal.  I say hogwash.   I love to travel and explore new places.   Vacations this year took us to visit family and friends, attend opening day at Wrigley Field and see the team that would go on to become the World Series Champions,  and spend time relaxing on the beach.  I also managed a weekend away with a friend to knock another state off my list and visited South Dakota. Only four more states to go.

  4. Concerts at the zoo.   We took junior to his first concert, Weird Al, at the zoo.  He loves his music and we liked the fact that when he got bored there was a supervised play area we could take him to.  Dave and I also went to see Brandi Carlile there, I think this was the fifth time we've seen her and I never get tired of her shows.  
  5. Junior's new school.   The 2014-2015 school year was rough and stressful.   Over the summer we made the tough decision to enroll junior in a new private school that was opening near our house.  Three months in and I would say it was absolutely the right decision.  He is having a much better year and the school is willing to work with us and figure out strategies that work for junior.  Being in the right environment makes such a difference.   I love that he gets upset when he can't go to school because he is sick or there is a holiday.   

Dave's list
  1. Cubs winning the World Series.   (No surprise this was #1 on his list). 
  2.  Oceanside Christmas vacation. 
  3.  Visiting his brother in San Francisco during March Madness.
  4.  Cubs Opening Day at Wrigley Field. 
  5.  Fremont's Heron Hunting Club.  (Also no surprise that something beer related made the list).  

Junior's list
  1.  Helping Paddy with her legs.  The dog is getting old and has arthritis.  Junior is responsible for giving her medicine to help with the arthritis every morning.   
  2. Getting a new house.  
  3. Spending time with the family.  
  4. Playing in the snow. 
  5. Eating at the pig truck.  Ever since junior saw a TV show about places to eat in Seattle that featured Maximus and Minimus he wanted to eat there.  This summer his wish came true.
  6. Learning martial arts at school.   (This was added after I mentioned him going to a new school)

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These are very good lists indeed.