Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deep Thoughts From a 6 Year Old

It isn't always easy to tell what Jr is thinking or feeling.   The little guy has been through quite a bit in his short life and we will likely never know all of the details.   He doesn't necessarily understand what has happened to him and why he has had to live in so many homes.  

Tonight after dinner he was coloring and decided to draw a picture of me.   I think this looks just like me.

After he drew the picture I asked him if he wanted to write a story about the picture.  This is what he dictated to me:

"This is mommy playing with me and we are playing, rock, paper, scissors, shoot.  Well, it is hard to choose which family to be in.  And it's also hard to not understand and forget about stuff.  So that's why I live with my family.  I love them very much."

He then decided to write another note.  This one he wrote on his own with constant questions of "how do you spell ...":

"Well it is not easy to be a boy, but that is not all there is.   One more thing, there is my loving family.  Now it is easy to be a boy. "

It was very difficult not to start crying as I wrote and read these stories.   He is starting to open up which is great but part of me is scared for him to start sharing some of the stories from his past.  It isn't going to be easy to hear and I worry that we will say the wrong thing as he starts to open up.

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