Monday, February 9, 2015

A is for Attachment, Anxiety and Arrrrrggggghhhhhh

Junior is definitely attaching to us but with that comes separation anxiety and frustration.  For every step forward there seems to be two or three steps backwards    Looking at things a different way these are all positives.  

With my new job I have meetings that start at 7 AM which means I am leaving the house at 6:15.  It is the most heartbreaking thing to see junior standing in the garage door as I back out as he didn't wake up in time to have breakfast with me.   Yes, he has been trying to get up to have breakfast with me so he can have "mommy time."   Should he be getting up at 6 AM - NO!  The days I wake him up to take him to school he is so excited.   It is crazy to see him jump out of bed,  get dressed and ready within a 5 minute period if it means he can spend a few more minutes with me in the morning.  

On the flip side of things the more he attaches the more he pulls away and pushes the boundaries.   Poor Paddy has felt the brunt of things as Jr seems to be seeing what buttons he can push with the dog.   Part of this I feel is junior trying to figure out what he can do for us to tell him he has to leave, as this has been the norm for him.  

We have had to put in consequences  for when he starts harassing Paddy.  Today I think we saw some progress on this front.   We have told Jr that he gets a time out for every time we tell him to leave the dog alone and he doesn't.    Paddy has been snarling periodically at Jr when she has had enough, Jr sadly hasn't reacted to this   Jr has had a couple of timeouts which may have taught him a lesson.  Tonight Jr walked up to Paddy as she was eating, Paddy snarled and Jr walked away.   This is a huge change, normally Paddy would snarl and Jr would continue to bother her.  

For every step forward there are steps backwards and adjustments that need to be made, but this is to be expected

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