Friday, May 2, 2014

Home Study Approved

We reached a huge milestone yesterday, we are officially home study approved!   What does this mean exactly?  We have completed all the training requirements, passed criminal background checks, completed the psycho-social evaluation, and are home is safe for children.    The next step is the licensing.  We are still waiting on 1 form from a state agency to come in and then we will be officially licensed.  

It is weird seeing your life and relationship distilled into 12 pages.  Our caseworker said ours was easy and that some people end up with 30 page home studies.  I guess we're boring.

So, what comes next.   We have to pull together photos for our profile showing our house, family, the animals, and the neighborhood.  This will be used for marketing and networking purposes.  We can't officially present our home study until the missing background check comes in but we can start unofficially inquiring once the profile is completed.  

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nina said...

Great news!