Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adventures of a New Kind

This blog has served many purposes from chronicling my expat adventures, to an outlet for my photography (which has been neglected lately) and now it will serve yet another purpose - documenting our adoption journey.  I started thinking about adopting about 4 years ago when I was single and wasn't dating.  When I met Dave he agreed to come along for the ride.

This process is going to be anything but easy, if everybody that wanted to be a parent had to go through this process many people would change their mind.  We are doing foster to adopt, I am not sure how different the process is for other types of adoptions.   Here's what we have done and what we will be doing over the coming months.  

Already Completed
Initial application, with this we had to provide 3 references, our tax returns from last year, and our employment history.

The second round of paperwork was much more involved.  With this we needed to complete

  • Fingerprints for federal background checks.
  • State background check.
  • Family medical background as well as a results from a current physical.   The physical also required results from an HIV test.  
  • We each had to fill out a questionnaire about our childhood, relationship with our families, and our relationships with each other.  
  • A 60 question form about what characteristics we want or would accept form a child.  Questions included questions such as would accept a child with learning disabilities, a child that harms animals, has nightmares or smokes.  
  • A notarized document indicating we understand and accept the fee structure.  
The characteristics questionnaire was the strangest component for me.  It makes it feel like we are shopping for a child like you would for a house or a car -creating a list of must haves, nice to haves and deal breakers. We kept thinking that some of the items didn't really apply giving the age range of 3-8 that we are looking for.  I would really hope there aren't a lot of children in that age range that would smoke, drink or do drugs.  

What's Next
Now that the second round of paperwork is being put in the mail this week the next steps will include
  • Completing a first aid and CPR course
  • A 6 week training course
  • The home study
Once these are completed we will be officially licensed and can then begin the matching process.   This by no means is going to be a quick and easy process, but it in the end it will be worth it.  


Christine Shaaban said...

I wish you all the best with this process. I think you are very courageous to venture onto this long and difficult journey.
I know you will make a great mum (and I'm sure Dave will just as good at the dad business) and any child will be lucky to be placed with you.

LyP said...

Oh Dawn! How tremendously exciting! What a lucky kid! Sending love and best wishes from Seattle!


Heather Patenaude said...

It's all happening!! I feel so lucky to have known you for so long and to be able to see you take so many journeys in your life, and now, another grand journey. The best to both you and're going to have one lucky and amazing kid!

Anonymous said...

So proud of you!!! What a journey to take. Know that the two of you will be fantastic parents and offer any child so much!!! May the rest of the journey pass qickly!

Melissa said...

Cannot wait to become an Aunt again. And Myra would like to stay the oldest grandkid in the family! Other than that, I am so excited for the two of you. You are going to make great parents!

Sealiz said...

You're going to be amazing parents. The "drugs, smoking" thing is definitely a head scratcher :) I will keep you guys in my prayers each night and can't wait for you to post pics of your new addition :)