Tuesday, July 23, 2013

From Seatown to Mile High

On July 3rd we packed up the car and hit the road, on the agenda was stops in Yakima, Boise, Salt Lake City and finally Denver.  There was a lot of ground to cover on the way to our new home and we wanted to enjoy the trip down.   We tried to break the trip down into smaller chunks of driving so we could take some detours along the way, some stops were planned and some stops were unplanned.

We stopped for scenery:

We stopped for history:

Much of our route followed the Oregon Trail.  We stopped a couple of times along the way. 

Fort Bridger - site of the first schoolhouse in Wyoming as well as a fur trading outpost.

Visiting the Golden Spike - where the first transcontinental railway was completed.  Unfortunately the golden spike is no longer at the site, it is in California.   

We stopped for random stuff on the side of the road

Farm equipment museum on the roadside

We didn't expect to see rockets in Utah

 We stopped for food & beverages

Finally we arrived in Colorado after 1500 miles and 5000+ feet in elevation gain.

I prefer the sign on the right than the one on the main highway below.

Ike enjoying his first sunset over the Rockies. 

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