Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 13: Back Home

Week 13 means I am officially 25% completed with this project. I am probably going to jinx myself but I have to say this has been pretty easy so far. For those of you paying attention to the blog you may notice that I've changed the layout and format a little bit. My blog posts will now include which camera the photo was taken with and the location. In 13 weeks I have used 5 different cameras and the photos have been taken in 4 different locations. The next 2 weeks will add 2 more locations.

This week takes me back to one of my former homes - London. It's hard to believe it has almost been 2 years since I left. While I do feel right at home there are some things that have changed since I left. There are now cycles for hire throughout London, was a little too tired today to try one out. All I could muster today was taking a photograph of them. Week 13: Cycles for hire

Camera: Canon 7D

Location: London, England


Weeza said...

Welcome back Dawn! Glad the weather's held for you! Is it good to be back?! :0) Weeza x

Expat said...

Yes it's good to be back. I wish my visit would be a little bit longer so I could see more people. Next time!