Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 8 - A New Toy

I inherited a Polaroid 600 from my friend Leilah last week. She has too many cameras so I volunteered to help relieve her of the excess. You might be thinking why would I want a Polaroid they stopped making film a number of years ago, but film is still available. A group called The Impossible Project still produces film. I picked up a box of their Silver Shade film at the local camera shop and I was off shooting.

The camera does take some getting used to and the film is very sensitive to cold temperatures so shooting with it yesterday may not have been the best idea. There are some artifacts on the shots from when I put them in my pocket to keep them warm but I think it adds a little character.

The Market
Week 8: The market

Starbucks in Seattle
Starbucks Anyone?

Camera: Polaroid 600
Location: Seattle, WA

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