Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stupid DMV

I left work early today to go and get my WA state driver's license. I read through the site and thought I had everything that I needed. As you can guess that wasn't actually the case. The web site says you need to bring the following:

1) Proof of Identity
2) Proof of Washington state residence
3) Social security number

As it turns out my MA driver's license did not count as proof of ID as required. As my license was out of state they require 3 forms of identification that have my date of birth and photo, or if I had my passport that would be accepted. Since I moved back to the states I have stopped carrying my passport with me at all times. Quite frustrating. So what this means is that I now have to go back another day to get my license, and of course they aren't open evenings or on weekends so this means either heading there over lunch one day this week or leaving early again. I am so not happy about this.

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