Monday, January 19, 2009

I've been learning a lot about Singapore the last couple of days and enjoying the nice warm weather. On Sunday I wandered around Little India. Most of Singapore seems to be about shopping in little India I went to Tekka Market. At one end of the market is the raw fish and meat being butchered, in the middle is the food court. Tables are reserved by placing a packet of tissues down and then you can go and order your food knowing that you have a table. Much better than wandering around looking for a table with a tray full of food. At the other end of the market are the clothes, shoes and household items. So many vibrant colours but the stalls seemed to all be selling the same things.

Driving around yesterday I learned that London took the idea of a congestion charge from Singapore. During the weekday there are charges for driving into the city. All charges are handled electronically via a smart card that is attached to the windshield similar to the fast lane or e-z pass system for tolls in the US. These device also handles charges for all parking garages - no need to stop and get a ticket or worry about losing the ticket. The devices automatically deduct the appropriate amount from your account. These appear to be mandatory for all cars as this is the only way that tolls are received.

And I'll leave you for now with a few from the balcony of my hotel room.


Anonymous said...

Nice view. Also the dresses are pretty too. Love you. Mom

Amy said...

Neat. Does everyone get around by car or do they bike like in China? Seems like it's been an interesting trip for you so far.