Saturday, January 17, 2009

Invisible Kangaroo on the A380

Last night was the flight I was looking forward to - the business class seats on the A380. The boarding of the flight occurs from 2 different gates, 1 gate for the lower level seats and 1 gate for the upper level seats. This I am sure greatly expedites the boarding process. Everything for boarding went smoothly we pushed back from the gate, started to taxi and then stopped. The pilot came on to say that something wasn't right so we needed to go back to the gate. They thought it would only take 30 minutes but 3.5 hours later they announce that the plane is getting powered down and powered back up as everything they have tried so far isn't working. Luckily that did the trick and we were able to take off. If this hadn't worked we weren't going to be able to leave as the crew was approaching their time limit.

Thankfully Ike and I were in business class where the seats are twice as wide and much more comfortable.

Ike wasn't sure whether he wanted to share the seat with me or sit on the footrest.
Once the video programming started Ike decided since the screen was much larger than usual he would sit in the seat with me.
By the time the flight took off it was about 2 AM, all I wanted to do was sleep but I forced myself to eat, I was paying for business class I was going to enjoy all the perks of it. The dinner menu was:

  • Gooseliver terrine and duck rillette with fig and mixed salad
  • Braised chicken in mustard vinegar sauce with green beans and celeriac-potato puree
  • Gourmet Cheeses
  • Vanilla creme brulee


The only good thing about the flight being delayed 4 hours is that I ended up arriving at SIN (yes that's the official airport abbreviation for Singapore) at the same time as my friend Michelle so we were able to share a taxi to the hotel. After a quick drink on the patio of the hotel bar I managed to sleep - hopefully jetlag won't set in again, once in a week is enough for me.

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Anonymous said...

Food sounds good and Ike seems to have had a good time. Glad you made it safely. and now a message from M. wdrtetrreyrhfghfdhvgfdhgvdgdbv vdhfgrhfghgjffjgvhfgvfjgv. Translation: Airplane, airport, , Grass, A lightbulb. these are my silly words for today. I love you.