Monday, February 4, 2008

False Advertising

Last night I did a crazy thing and went to Cheers in Picadilly to watch the Superbowl which made for a very long night, ended up getting home around 4:30 AM. I was excited to go as they advertised that they were going to be showing the coveted ads from the US. Unfortunately that was a big bunch of lies. It was frustarting to see the same boring UK ads over and over during the broadcast of the game. They only had about 3 commercials that kept rotating throughout the course of the game - BORING!

During the game I noticed a pint glass in the bottom right corner of the screen. I asked somebody if that indicated it was time to go to the bar for another drink but found out that SKY sports sells a pub package. This package is much more expensive than the standard package but it enables the pubs to show the games to hundreds of others. SKY then sends out undercover agents to pubs around the area to make sure they are broadcasting via the pub package and not the standard package.


Anonymous said...

Commercials left much to be desired.. There was not one that stood out as really classy. Some of them became down to a baselessness of poor vocabulry.

Thought the game was really good.

Too bad you had to stay up to the wee hours of the AM to see it.


Anonymous said...

The commercials were not very good. Too bad you lost sleep and had to see your team lose. Maybe the drinking made up for the lack of sleep. Love Mom