Monday, February 11, 2008

Censoring Comments

I just did something I have never done on my blog - deleted a comment that a visitor posted. I am typically not one for censoring what people have to say but the comment contained a link to a site of how I should be blogging. I was very skeptical about this link and clicking on it confirmed my suspicions. The site attempted to download software onto my computer - my guess is that this was a trojan, virus or some other sort of nasty item. Luckily I have my security settings set to block the download of items without my consent. To protect the readers of my blog from accidentally installing malware I deleted the comment. In the interest of free speech though I include the posters comment below without the link.

"For a more complete comments, I would advise you to be more detailed information, for example here"

UPDATE: This has now happened 2 additional times since posting this note, as a result I have chosen to enabled word verification for posting comments. This should prevent the automated program from posting comments.

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Anonymous said...

hi I just wanted to see how word verification worked. Now I see.