Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Child-proofing our house

Our home safety inspection is next week, we have been busy getting everything in place that we need to ensure the house is child-proofed.   This has included purchasing the following items:
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire escape ladder
  • Locks for cabinets
  • Plugs for electrical outlets
  • A handrail and stairs for our back patio 
The largest item we purchased was a bit of splurge.  We probably could have done something less elaborate but I've been wanting this for a couple of months, and figured this was a good excuse to buy it, plus I bought it on sale and via ebates which reduced the price a bit.   We have a rather large adult beverage collection and all alcohol needs to be locked up so we invested in a chilled wine credenza that holds both beer and wine.  Each cabinet can be set to a different temperature which is great, what is a little annoying is that each cabinet has a different lock.  In case you're wondering this is stocked with over 100 wine and beer bottles.  

Dave also suggested this week that we get rid of this sign.   
We never hung it up and I thought he was just trying to purge items we haven't hung.   He then explained that it is highly probable that the kid(s) will be in therapy and this doesn't send a very good message to them.  When he phrased it that way I had to agree with him.  Before we put this in the donation pile I am offering this to one of you lucky readers.  If you are interested in this lovely sign please let me know.  


Christine Shaaban said...

Your wine cabinet is awesome! Very very cool.
I wouldn't want to explain the sign to Samira, so I'll pass. LOL. I guess once you become parents you look at thing differently. I used to have a t-shirt with 'Bitch' written on it and when Samira started to read I felt a little embarrassed, never wore it again.

Dawn said...

Christine, Yes we are definitely looking at things differently now in the context of being parents. Funny how that happens.