Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 22: Sisters

I am incredibly lucky to have two sisters that are among my best friends. Seven years ago we instituted a tradition of a sister vacation. Last weekend marked the fourth annual sister vacation and it was a blast. These trips are a great way for us to unwind, relax, laugh, be silly and catch up. The destination for this year's adventure was St Louis, MO. Why there and why in the middle of a heat wave? I have a goal of visiting all 50 states Missouri was one of the few I have not yet been to, and in St Louis you can see the confluence where the Missouri meets the Mississippi river. For the heat wave we couldn't predict that would happen.

One of the perks of all the travel I do is the rewards points. For the second year the vacation was mostly covered by points. When the hotel, car and 2 flights are free we are able to splurge a little bit on the things that really matter like food! We had an amazing lunch at Bogart's BBQ, a dinner at Bridge where we got a giant cheese and charcuterie plate, and found out that Panera bread originated in St Louis as the St Louis Bread Company. With all this talk about food you might expect that the photo of the week would be of some of the amazing eats we had but no it's not.

It has to be a portrait of the three of us (Heather I hope you approve). This was taken in the pod on our way up to the top of the Gateway Arch.

Week 22: Sisterly Love

For those of you paying attention to the blog this means I lied and this is the second self portrait I've posted.

Location: St Louis, Mo
Camera: Canon 7D

Additional photos of the trip to St Louis will be posted to my photostream later this week.


heather p said...

Technically, it's a group didn't lie, but it's all in the delivery! And, yes, I approve. And I'm sooooooooo glad you went to the home of my second home.

Missy said...

My hometown! Hope you got some frozen custard while you're there! Ted Drewes or any of the million little frozen custard stands. Also, hit up Imo's Pizza and get some toasted raviolis while you're there (where they were invented).

Try not to get pooped on by the cicadas. And I'm sorry for the heat and the humidity. It's more humid there than anywhere other than the deep South because of that confluence of rivers that you mentioned. Flood city! It's ridiculous, but at least it's not August. :)

Melissa said...

I love that pic! It was a start to wonderful vacation. Until next vacation at DISNEY!!! (per Myra) :)