Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 18: A New Project

This week has been super busy not with work or travel but with a new project I have taken on. as a result I have not had a chance to go out with my camera. I have decided to renovate my kitchen which has resulted in this week being filled with meetings with my designer, researching stuff on line, interviewing contractors, viewing samples of counter tops and cabinets. Holy moly this is a lot of work. Good news is some decisions have been made and it looks like I should be able to get this project completed by July. The decisions I have made is that the counter tops will be from EcoTop or something similar this is a very green product, they are made from recycled paper the counter tops will either be black or a dark grey. I am leaning towards a cream color for the cabinets or a very light maple. These samples (and photos) are from Canyon Creek.

Speaking of samples the few pictures I have taken this week are samples of fabric for the project. Fabric, what do I need fabric for well the new kitchen will have an elevated bar. While these aren't the greatest shots as they were taken with my camera phone in poor lighting conditions I didn't want to miss out on a week. These are the 3 fabrics I am considering for the bar stools. What do you think I should go with:

Week 18:  Decision Time

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heather p said...

I think I like the stripey or grey and black...Cool project!!