Sunday, January 23, 2011


This week I got the 2 rolls of Kodachrome I shot back from Dwayne's. When I looked at the scanned CD I was incredibly disappointed with the quality. The pictures were all faded and had a very bluish tint. Looking at the slides themselves they seemed to be fine.

I took the slides and headed over to Glazer's to see if they could scan one in so I could confirm that the scan job was done incorrectly. The scan quickly revealed that all was good. This led to the purchase of a Canon 9000F. I could have rented but I figure I will get more use of this over the years since I have started shooting film again so it was worth the investment.

This is my scan of the last picture I shot on Kodachrome.

To see all my favorite Kodachrome shots from my trips to Victoria and Hawaii see here.

I also shot this with my Canon 7D.

Which do you prefer?

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