Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wide World of Sofas

There's been all sorts of sofa excitement in my life the past 2 weeks. I first got permission from the landlord and property management to get rid of the uncomfortable sofa in my flat and buy a new one. I was given an allowance of £350 to cover purchase, removal and delivery. The challenge I faced was 2 fold staying within budget and being able to find a sofa that would fit through the front door. I realized quickly that the combination of these 2 items wasn't possible if I wanted something comfortable, so I spent a little more money just so I could finally be able to sit comfortably on a sofa instead of spending most of my time on the floor. In a few short weeks the new sofa will hopefully be delivered. I'll post pictures when it arrives.

In other excitement my sister has been helping me with the removal of some furniture at my house in Natick as the new tenants don't need the furniture. The Salvation Army came yesterday but decided that since the arm of the sofa was slightly faded they wouldn't take it. I was slightly surprised by this news, in talking with others I guess this is common. They only accept furniture that is like-new. Hopefully in the next 24 hours we can find somebody who wants a free sofa if not need to arrange for the town to pick it up and dispose of it. I hate the idea of having to throw away a perfectly good sofa. I have no problems giving it away but asking for it to be sent to the dump is another matter.

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