Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Car Chat

Here are some random musings about cars and driving that I have accumulated during my travels.

You'll find no surprise that men and women see cars in very different ways. In talking to a coworker about being picked up at the Beijing airport his first question was what type of car was it - Audi, Mercedes, Rolls. I had no idea, that was irrelevant.

There's only one time when there's traffic in Beijing - from morning to night.

License plates in the UK are yellow on the back of the car and white on the front of the car.

The UK has different licenses for automatic and manual cars, additional tests are needed if you want a license that allows you to drive both types of cars. If you have the wrong type of license and get into an accident your insurance will reject the claim.

In Barcelona on a 6 lane highway I noticed that the 3 middle lanes had light indicators above them with either a red X or a green arrow. The lanes themselves were also painted with large arrows in the center going in both directions. To address rush hour traffic the lanes switch directions at various times the lights above the lanes indicate whether traffic is going in the direction you are travelling or not.

Taxi Time
With all the time I spend in taxis I have found it interesting that different cities mark their taxis in different ways. Below see if you can match the city to the taxi.

Beijing, New York, London, Hong Kong, Milan

Various colours but bumpers are gold along with gold stripe around


Anonymous said...

when do you show the correct answers?
red - china
yellow new York
Gold - London
Cream - HOng Kong
did I miss a color adn am I right?

Amy said...

vnrjdOk here are my guesses.
Black- London
Yellow- New York
Cream - China
Red Milan
Gold Hong Kong

How'd I do?

Anonymous said...

We've got reversible lanes in Boston, and they have them in Tucson too!