Thursday, March 27, 2008


I think the title of this posting says it all. Well maybe not, I'll give you the details. At the beginning of the month I went out and bought a new tripod and head, unfortunately the tripod arrived 2 days later but the head was on back order - the tripod isn't much good without the head. I called yesterday to find out when the item was expected in and was elated to find out that it was shipped on Tuesday that means it should have arrived yesterday, the beauty of next day delivery (or so I thought). Imagine my surprise when I called the store this morning to find out if the package was out for delivery today only to be told - it was delivered yesterday. This was not possible, I was working from home yesterday and I had no deliveries. The customer service rep then suggested maybe they left it with a neighbor. Now this is what I really hate about the delivery services here, if you're not home they go knocking on all your neighbors doors and ask them to sign for the package. Actually yesterday that happened to me and when I refused to accept the package the driver was all annoyed. I kindly explained that I do not know them and I do not like it when my packages are delivered to strangers. This seems to be a complete shock to people. As of now I have no idea where the tripod head is, I'm still waiting for a call back from the customer service people to find out where DHL delivered this to as it certainly wasn't delivered to me.

UPDATE: 2 hours after posting this DHL delivered the package. No idea why the site said it had been delivered yesterday. All is now right with the world(at least my world).

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