Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shopping Excursion

A while back I wrote about the new Whole Foods store that was opening in Kensington. Today I finally got around to checking it out. The store is massive - 3 stories. There are elevators so you can take your shopping carts downstairs and for those carrying hand baskets they come with wheels so you don't have to carry heavy baskets you can just pull them along behind you.

The main floor is the pre-made foods and salad bars for take aways. This section was much larger than any of the Whole Foods I've been to in Massachusetts, 5 different self serve and full serve counters one counter was devoted entirely to olives. The ground floor also housed the cheeses and wines. I managed to find a couple of South African wines I've been looking for since my trip there in April.

The lower level had all the produce, canned goods, meat, fish, etc. Some of the items and brands were very familiar however there are a lot of local brands and items as well. A couple of items I was looking for like their sodas, salsas and pasta sauces were not there. One of the plusses though is the produce section did not have pre-packaged/measured vegetables you are able to pick the amount you want or need. It was great instead of buying a large container of mushrooms I could just pick up 5 or 6 for my risotto tonight.

I did not go to the top floor, I'll save that for my next trip there. I believe it is just a dining section.

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Morgan said...

Sounds fabulous!!